In the country where the reindeer live, snow covered houses, trees, the nests of birds, the paths, the beards of men and ladies' hats all is white! When children play throwing snow in the air, as if it's fluffy cotton,our dreams are spread and the world is more beautiful!
oto hudec&mariana ribeiro, fórum fnac, january 2010


In a forest near our city lives a big old dragon called Drugo. For a long time he was a friend of the people, helping them during the winter to heat their homes with the flame coming from his mouth. In recent days strange noises came out of his crib, you could hear Drugo growling and screaming ... People began to fear the angry dragon ... But what really happened is that Drugo ate too many sweets during Halloween and his teeth began to hurt. Now the dragon should stretch his wings and fly to the dentist! Come and help our friend to solve this situation!
oto hudec&mariana ribeiro, fórum fnac, november 2009

participation on the festival MDG

Place the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in the streets of Porto: this is the purpose of the MDGs Week, taking place in the city between 14 and 21 October 2009. Institutions of Higher Education, Youth Associations and NGOs decided to join and organize various information activities, cultural and sporting activities, aimed at different audiences. The week also celebrates the MDGs International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (17 October), when the whole world participates symbolically in action "Stand up Against Poverty" (, which want to draw the attention of world leaders to the importance of the MDGs.


There once was a boat passing its days navigating through all the seas of the world but it always wanted to be freer. It dreamed of flying like a bird in order to reach all the places and tell the stories of the sea. And it dreamed so much that one day it happened... But how does this magic happens? How can a boat fly?.. This will be a contruction full of surprises! Will it be an origami, will it be a puppet?..
oto hudec and mariana ribeiro, fnac forum sta. catarina, september 2009


Where do you go for vacations?.. Do you usually bring postcards and photos as a souvenir?.. Do you dream of distant lands where you will one day?.. With a lot of imagination or memories of places where you've been, we will make a magic postcard, where the figures move just like as a shadow theatre...
oto hudec and mariana ribeiro, fnac forum sta. catarina, july 2009


mariana ribeiro e rosário matos, fnac forum coimbra, june 2009


Do you know well the World Map?.. Do you know where are the Alps, and the home of Kangaroos?.. And the Eiffel Tower, lives next to the Pyramids?!.. Bring with you things that make you remember the places, animals and people that you know, or that you have heard about, from nature or the city,.. those that you have not yet discovered you will get to know!.. You may bring leaves or seeds of trees, shells, pictures from magazines or comic book or even from your old school books!, you can bring tea bags or packages that make you remember a country or any species! Team up to us to shape and color the continents, oceans, countries, rivers and even monuments, in this very different and fun World Map!
Oto Hudec and Mariana Ribeiro, fnac forum sta catarina, April 2009


With the arrival of spring the beauty of many species surprise us, flowers and trees, hidden during the cold winter. Mr. Potato came from inside the earth, where the roots live, and he is familiar with the magic of the first day of spring. With your help we will give color and life to the different species, and find out what is happening in the forest on this day when everything is changing! With the help of simple potatoes, we can build a comic book, full of colors and shapes that appear almost like magic. Potatoes can act as perfect rubber stamps: with them the little ones play and compose images from the simple shapes of the triangle, rectangle, square, circle, etc.. All children can carry their comics home and those who will feel for it can experiment and create their own story.

oto hudec and mariana ribeiro, fórum fnac, march 2009


Inside the bottles we keep in the kitchen lives a genie who awakens as soon as we open it and jumps immediately into the cork. All the things we use in our daily life has their secret soul. And at night when we sleep, all the cards, plastic packaging, awake to have fun. There are cardboard men who dream with the card land, plastic animals that would like to visit Africa, and there is a genie from the bottle that awakens as soon as we open it and knows how to make our wishes come true. For the genie to stay happy we'll give him a new body so he can dance! Participate in our workshop and build your own genie! His form will help you understand how it works and how to make traditional puppetry. The fun will not end when the figure is ready: The next step is to teach your genie to dance ...
oto hudec and mariana ribeiro, fnac forum sta catarina, february 2009


maria joão flôxo, oto hudec, mariana ribeiro
forum fnac, july 2008